Thursday, August 17, 2017

IDTT Wine 425: Cherasco Barolo Survives Today Solely Because of Marchese Umberto Fracassi Ratti Mentone

Marchese Umberto Fracassi Ratti Mentone is the sole producer of a Barolo from the Cherasco sub-zone of Italy's Piemonte region. His family has owned vineyard land in the Cherasco area for centuries, and the Marchese, who is now over 80 years old, tends to the family parcel at the edge of the Barolo zone.

This is a rare encounter with the Marchese, who rarely grants interviews. The conversation ranges across decades and even centuries of history in the Piemonte, covering the Roman period, the reign of the Savoy Dukes, World War II, and the great growth of Barolo production in the last few decades.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

IDTT Wine 424: The Complete Stephen Brook

Stephen Brook is a prolific author of anthologies, travel books, and a wide range of wine books over the last thirty years, including "The Complete Bordeaux," "The Wines of Germany," "The Wines of California," "Wine People," "The Wines of Austria," and "Bordeaux: People, Power, and Politics."  Stephen has also been a Contributing Editor to Decanter Magazine since 1996.

Stephen revisits his wine writing career in this interview, recounting his adventures and undertakings in several different wine producing countries, and recognizing how those places and the people he has met have changed over time. He also takes a look at the generation he has been a part of within British wine writing, and considers what happens next in his own career and for wine writing generally.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

IDTT Wine 423: Elena Pantaleoni Remembers When Making Natural Wine Felt Lonely

Elena Pantaleoni is the proprietor of the La Stoppa winery in Italy's Emilia.

Elena Pantaleoni was pulling out international grape varieties from her vineyard in the mid-1990s, just when the acclaim for such wines was highest. And she embraced a Natural wine approach long before it became fashionable in the market. Why did she make those moves? Elena discusses in this interview the decision making that has set her apart from the pack in the Emilia and in Italy. In the end, she says, she didn't want to copy someone else from someplace else.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

IDTT Wine 422: Christian Moueix on 50 Years of Pomerol and Napa Valley

Christian Moueix is the president of Etablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix, based on the Right Bank of Bordeaux, France. He oversees several properties in Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, including Chateau La Fleur-Petrus, Chateau Trotanoy, and Chateau Hosanna. Christian is also the owner of the Dominus Estate and Ulysses wineries in the Napa Valley of California.

Christian opens up about his family life and career in this interview, touching on the post-war era of Pomerol, through the 1980s in Napa Valley - which turned out to be a fulcrum period of change for that region - and up through his recent business dealings and purchases in both California and Bordeaux. Fans of Chateau Petrus will find plenty of insight from Christian about that wine in this interview, as he discusses his forty years overseeing the property. Those curious about wineries that he owns today will also find plenty of detail, as well as many amazing anecdotes.

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